Energy Challenge: Small Acts Lead to Big Change

By Utilities Conservation and Behavior Change Intern Jayson Arend The biggest part of my internship is the Energy Challenge, one of the nation's largest university energy- and water- conservation projects in the nation. The Challenge is a competition between about 60 buildings on campus to see who can save the most energy and water during three … Continue reading Energy Challenge: Small Acts Lead to Big Change

Intern Spotlight: Charlotte Jolly

Meet our advanced buildings intern, Charlotte Jolly! Charlotte is a senior pursuing a degree in interior design and French, as well as a minor in sustainability, through the College of Arts and Sciences. She is interested in how the built environment can use innovative design thinking to make one of the largest energy-consuming industries as sustainable as possible. … Continue reading Intern Spotlight: Charlotte Jolly

Intern Spotlight: Tucker Jaroll

Meet our strategic planning energy and implementation intern, Tucker Jaroll! Tucker is a senior pursuing a degree in environmental management through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, as well as an individualized minor in sustainable design. He is interested in sustainability, particularly sustainable architecture. He has experience in the field from Harvard’s Career Discovery Architecture … Continue reading Intern Spotlight: Tucker Jaroll