Fume Hood Efficency and Labs 21 Pilot Internship

When I tell people that I am the fume hood efficiency intern, most people look at me with blank stares wondering what exactly does that mean or what in the world is a fume hood? A fume hood is a safety ventilation device that protects laboratory worker’s breathing zone from hazardous vapors and pollutants released … Continue reading Fume Hood Efficency and Labs 21 Pilot Internship



Welcome! You're reading one of the first IUOS Summer 2011 blog posts. I'm Danni McPherron, and I"m the Sustainable Computing Document Management intern. I will be doing a case study of the UITS [University Information Technology Services] move to a larger building, focusing on their transition from a hybrid paper-digital document management system to a … Continue reading Welcome!

Toward a bigger conversation…

This May, we began our fifth session of the Summer Internship Program in Sustainability.  Seventeen interns from all corners of the university joined us this summer to work on projects ranging from bicycle friendly campus initiatives to programming support for students interested in living sustainably off-campus.  As always, these students will serve as the driving … Continue reading Toward a bigger conversation…