Fume Hood Efficency and Labs 21 Pilot Internship

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When I tell people that I am the fume hood efficiency intern, most people look at me with blank stares wondering what exactly does that mean or what in the world is a fume hood?

Energy efficient fume hood installed on the IUPUI campus

A fume hood is a safety ventilation device that protects laboratory worker’s breathing zone from hazardous vapors and pollutants released during experimental procedures by removing those vapors and exhausting them outside.  The problem, however, resides in the fact that one fume hood consumes as much energy as three or four residential homes and IU’s campus has approximately 800 fume hoods installed in their science buildings. « Read the rest of this entry »


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Welcome! You’re reading one of the first IUOS Summer 2011 blog posts. I’m Danni McPherron, and I”m the Sustainable Computing Document Management intern. I will be doing a case study of the UITS [University Information Technology Services] move to a larger building, focusing on their transition from a hybrid paper-digital document management system to a (primarily) digital document management system. The purpose of this case study will be to provide the larger university community with a document that outlines the costs, manpower, etc. required to move to a digital document management system.

All introductions and IU acronyms aside, I must say: I have my work cut out for me. That’s not to say I’m not prepared. In fact, I would say it’s quite the opposite situation. I have had my eye on an internship with the IU Office of Sustainability intern program for about a year now. I first heard about the program in an email from SPEA. I began planning to apply for the program as soon as I could.

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Donate. Volunteer. Shop.

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How often does a sustainability blog encourage you to shop? You are more likely to see a message encouraging you to buy green if you must buy at all, and that’s true, but I’m going give you a sustainability blessing to buy used at the student move-out sales around the country, many of which are days away.

Penn State’s 10th annual Trash to Treasure will sell somewhere in the vicinity of 60-70 tons of move-out donations to raise over $50,000 for United Way on June 4, 2011. Notre Dame will hold its 7th annual Old2Gold sale on June 25, 2011. If last year was any indication, people will begin lining up at 3:00 AM to get a first shot at sale items. The doors will open at 7:00 AM, and approximately 4,000 shoppers will help contribute to the over $50,000 raised for community non-profits. These sales are happening all over the country. University of Texas will hold its 5th annual sale, Trash to Treasure, in the fall. Cities are pitching in too. Iowa City sponsors Rummage in the Ramp to divert reusable items from the landfill. Its 5th annual sale will be in July.

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Toward a bigger conversation…

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Professor Heather Reynolds instructs the second seminar of the 2011 Summer Internship Program in Sustainability.

This May, we began our fifth session of the Summer Internship Program in Sustainability.  Seventeen interns from all corners of the university joined us this summer to work on projects ranging from bicycle friendly campus initiatives to programming support for students interested in living sustainably off-campus.  As always, these students will serve as the driving force for IU Office of Sustainability programming and research initiatives.

We hope this blog will provide the campus and Bloomington community a forum for understanding from student and staff perspectives how we’re progressing toward the goals we’ve set for becoming a more sustainable campus.  Please read, comment, and if you’d like permission to post, email us at sustain@indiana.edu.

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