Reducing Waste at IU… One Refillable Bottle at a Time

Little known fact: you never have to pay more than $0.55 again for soda or tea at any RPS location on the IUB campus. What magical key can unlock this precious savings on your daily dose of caffeine?  An RPS refillable bottle…

RPS refillable bottles are available for purchase at the Wilkie, McNutt, and Wright c-stores.  The bottles cost $3.99, but you can use them the entire time you’re at IU.  Assuming you buy two drinks a day for $1.50 each, for every month you spend at IU without one of these bottles you’re losing $90!  Over the course of four years at IU (assuming no summer school), that’s equivalent to losing nearly $3,000!  (…and needlessly dumping nearly 2,000 cups into a landfill!)

$0.55 gets you a refill of any kind of soda, tea, or lemonade.  Learn more about the bottles here.

Variations of the refillable bottle program have been in place since 1996.  The goal is to reduce use of disposable cups that end up spending an eternity in a landfill.

Assuming the cups are 7 inches tall, laid end-to-end those 2,000 wasted cups would span the distance from end zone to end zone of not one, not two, but more than three football fields!  Why buy a cup you’ll have to toss when you could get a cheaper soda without one anyway?

This one’s a win-win: making the more environmentally sustainable choice and opting to use the RPS refillable bottle program will also help you slow the growth of your college loans.  So, swing by the c-store at Wilkie, McNutt or Wright to join in and drink up!

To learn more about ways we can work together to reduce waste at IU, go to

Written by Meredith Dowling, No Waste Coordinator and Service Corps Fellow for the IU Office of Sustainability


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