The Biking Habits of King James

Let’s keep the Lebron James theme going!  In the last blog post, Ben argued that in a head-to-head match with Kobe Bryant, Lebron would clearly be seen as the more efficient player.  Ben used efficiency metrics similar to sustainability metrics to reach his conclusion, but I’d also like to support his claim with a picture taken on January 31 of Lebron James riding his bike to a Miami Heat basketball game. 

King James has been known to commute by bike fairly regularly but has been quoted on record as being surprised when he is given attention for it.  For him, it’s simply an efficient and easy to get from Point A to Point B.  This is the sort of attitude that should be promoted when it comes to bicycle transit.  The truth is that biking is a vital means of transportation when over 40 percent of all trips are made within two miles of a person’s home.  It would make nothing but complete sense for any professional athlete to maintain a healthy lifestyle by riding a bike.

Today at IU, we can immediately work to change the perception that bike rides should be confined to only one or two rides through the park every year.  This transformation can begin first by improving the infrastructure on our campus.  Aside from street lanes, plenty of our pathways are actually meant to be shared by bikers and pedestrians alike.  It would be extremely beneficial for those pathways to be identified and marked so our students, faculty, and staff understand that we are meant to share the road.  Plus, if we ever got a visit from Lebron, we’d want him to feel welcome, wouldn’t we?  Let’s make some progress for IU and make our daily commutes more efficient and bike-friendly.

Written by Hannah Hunt, Bicycle Friendly Initiatives Intern


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