Shut the Sash Campaign Update

The shut the sash campaign has been  moving swiftly along and the program is entering its final stage before the campaign is fully launched.  The informational stickers have all been printed, the website is officially launched and the email account is up and running.  The final stage for the campaign is labeling the fume hoods themselves.  There are approximately 800 fume hoods on campus with the bulk of them in the Chemistry building.  At the moment all fume hoods in Education, Psychology, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, the Innovation Center, and the Auxiliary Library have all been labeled.

Reminder sticker on a hood in the Education Building
Arrow sticker that will promote energy savings and safety on a hood in the Education Building

Labeling of the fume hoods in the bigger science buildings, mainly Chemistry will begin this week.   Once all fume hoods have been labeled the program will be completely up and running!


Written by: Sara Dille Fume Efficiency and Labs 21 Pilot Intern



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