By Mark Milby, No Waste Program Coordinator It’s an interesting time for folks concerned with waste. New packaging products boasting less environmental impact are making their debut every month, and frankly, it’s getting confusing. Accordingly, there’s an argument raging in the waste industry over the pros and cons of these products. As IU’s No Waste … Continue reading Biorecyclapostables


This Week in Sustainability 7.31.12

Upcoming events are listed in a weekly email bulletin and on our calendar. If you do not receive our weekly email and would like to, please email to subscribe. Select ongoing events and opportunities are highlighted in our weekly email, while the full list of items are available on this weekly blog post. Instructions … Continue reading This Week in Sustainability 7.31.12

Policy & Possibility

By Sara Swan,  Campus Garden Coordinator Policy can have a lasting-if sometimes subtle- impact on sustainability, and in my favorite sustainability sector (FOOD!), it is no different. In fact, food policy is a major determinant of what gets grown and how. Currently, the House is hashing out their version of the new farm bill, which … Continue reading Policy & Possibility

Big Ten Climate Scientists Call for Dialogue

By Bill Brown, IU Director of Sustainability Is this what climate change feels like? The first six months of 2012 were the warmest ever recorded in Indiana, in the continental United States, and across the globe (according to NOAA’s National Climate Data Center). The last 12 months were also the warmest ever recorded. The USDA … Continue reading Big Ten Climate Scientists Call for Dialogue

Wallet Sustainability

By Erica Bramlet, Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale Coordinator There are costs to almost everything we do. Should you risk the stomachache and eat that dessert? Should you watch an hour of TV and put off your work or homework until tomorrow? Sustainability is no different, and you can’t really talk about the S word … Continue reading Wallet Sustainability

Can People Change?

By Carolyn Raider, Utilities and Conservation Intern A year ago today I was teaching some of the brightest students I’ve worked with photography in the Galapagos Islands. My female co-leader Alex was an incredible instructor, not to mention one of the most environmentally-conscious individuals I’ve met to date. By the end of our trip, she … Continue reading Can People Change?