What Can We Take Away From Superstorm Sandy?

By: Hayley Prihoda, Dunn's Woods Restoration Project Intern Yesterday, around 8pm, the eye of Hurricane Sandy touched-base over the Eastern Coast of the United States, devastating New Jersey and New Work and affecting at least a dozen other states. Reports claim that at least a few dozen lives have been lost to the storm and … Continue reading What Can We Take Away From Superstorm Sandy?


Is Waste-to-Energy the Future?

By Mark Milby, IUOS No Waste Program Coordinator According to the EPA, the U.S.’s recycling rate (waste recycled or composted divided by total waste) was 34% in 2010. Whether or not you find this impressive depends on your perspective; personally, I find the recycling of 85 million tons of material reassuring, but I also roll … Continue reading Is Waste-to-Energy the Future?

The Greenest Floor Challenge

By: Haley Long, Sustainability and the First Year Experience Intern The first day of the Greenest Floor Challenge has come and gone here at Indiana University Bloomington and during the first day of the competition we had over 50 students have registered their room to be “Green Certified” through the Green Room Certification Program! If … Continue reading The Greenest Floor Challenge