The Greenest Floor Challenge

By: Haley Long, Sustainability and the First Year Experience Intern

The first day of the Greenest Floor Challenge has come and gone here at Indiana University Bloomington and during the first day of the competition we had over 50 students have registered their room to be “Green Certified” through the Green Room Certification Program!


If you haven’t heard of the Greenest Floor Challenge yet- it is a competition that rewards the floor within each residence hall that “green certifies” the largest percentage of rooms through the Green Room Certification Program. Each student participant will receive a BPA-free reusable water bottle courtesy of the Student Sustainability Council and a certificate for their door, showing that their room is certified green! The winning floor in each of the residence hall will receive a pizza party for their whole floor funded by RPS, RHA and the Office of Sustainability. This Residence Hall-wide challenge is meant to help instill sustainability-driven values in students and teach them how to reduce their energy and water consumption.  The challenge is being held concurrent with the Energy Challenge this fall, from October 22 to November 12.

For more information, visit the Green Room Certification Program’s website. Visit our blog to get updates about the leading floors in each Residence Center throughout the competition, and to find tips on how you can live more sustainably on campus. To register your room, click here.


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