Getting Schooled in Sustainability

12/07/2012 § 2 Comments

By Emilce Sanchez, Academic Initiatives Intern

You can search high and search low for an interdisciplinary environmental or sustainability studies program on IU’s campus, but your search will likely end in vain. One of the only ways to pursue such an endeavor is to create your own Individualized Major or settle for a related discipline such as Environmental Management in SPEA or Biology in the College.  Since 2008 there has been a rapid 900% growth in sustainability programs hosted by higher education institutions across the U.S. [1] Many schools at least offer minors and certificates in sustainability studies, except IU. This is not to say that IU Bloomington does not have its share of programs related to environmental sustainability because it does, but in 2008 only 8 undergraduate and 6 graduate academic programs focused primarily on environmental sustainability. [2]

You may be asking why this is a problem. Two reasons why IUB should invest in a central sustainability program are to 1) improve coordination amongst competing resources (i.e. faculty, students, financial) and to 2) fulfill the vision of all graduates critically thinking about the interdisciplinary impact sustainability can have on our future.


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Pre-Winter Break – Power Down Checklist

12/03/2012 § Leave a comment

By Bill Brown, Director of IU Office of Sustainability

Chances are very good that you will be away from campus during the winter holiday break for at least a few days, or weeks, if not for good – congrats to the December graduates!

As you gear up to get out of town, consider taking a few minutes to make a big difference.

You can give planet Earth and Indiana University a gift while you are gone by reducing consumption of resources you will never miss. Tis the season for making lists, so I have a checklist for winter break as we vacate our classrooms, offices, homes, and apartments.

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