Adding Plant Life to Your Home

By Patricia Peng, Living Sustainably Off Campus Intern

Looking for a way to brighten up your room?  Daniel Zeller developed a creative way to transform an ordinary desk into a “terrarium desk”[1].  The artist came up with the idea to get through the long, cold winters in Norway and boost his everyday work experience.  You could transform your daily homework environment into a lively and enjoyable place by adding your own terrarium!


 So, what exactly are terrariums? Terrariums are indoor gardens or, miniature landscapes, which include an array of plant life encapsulated into glass containers. Some even venture to extend their terrariums to provide a habitable environment for animals, such as turtles.    


Daniel Zeller’s desk is made out of wood and glass, with a side drawer that allows for easy maintenance to clean and water the terrarium.  Consider stopping by the Hoosier to Hoosier sale or a yard sale to find an old desk you could remodel.  If that’s not an option you can still decorate your place with plant life.  Have old incandescent light bulbs lying around? You can build a small terrarium inside and hang them around your apartment/home for a new atmosphere.


 All you need for a successful terrarium is an empty glass container to fill with gravel, soil and plants.  It’s a simple project you can do over a weekend and all you have to remember to do is water occasionally.  Find instructions and a how-to video here.  Terrariums are essentially indoor, mini-ecosystems.  They will cycle the air within your home and add a touch of spring during the darker, winter months.  Try assembling one today and make your desk a more inviting place to work.


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