Think outside the [heart-shaped] box

By: Jessica Plassman, Marketing & Brand Specialist

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Photo courtesy of

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you haven’t decided what to do?! Well, you’re in luck. The IU Office of Sustainability wants to help you make this Valentine’s Day memorable and sustainable. You can love your partner and the planet with these easy-to-follow tips.

  • Don’t buy it, make it

Taking the time to make your own card out of recycled or repurposed paper says “I love you” in an unforgettable, personal way. Need some inspiration? Check out the wide-range of DIY cards on Pinterest.

  • Don’t snail mail or hand-deliver it, send your card online

Don’t have a creative bone in your body? A customized e-card can be just as personal as a hand-made one and you can save both paper and lighten the post-man’s bag (saving precious resources and polluting less).

  • Don’t buy a dozen cut flowers, get seeds to plant

Nothing says “I want our love to grow” more than local, organic seeds that once planted will express your love year after year. Check out Nature’s Crossroads for local, organic seeds here in Bloomington.

  • Don’t grab those chocolates without reading the label, go fair trade and organic

When you turn down the candy aisle there are so many pink and red heart-shaped boxes of chocolates it can be overwhelming. The choice is easier when you know what to look for – choose a chocolate that is fair trade, organic, and has less packaging (equaling less waste).

  • Don’t go to a chain, choose a local restaurant serving locally-grown food

Not only are you supporting local commerce, you are making the effort to eat local, sustainably grown food. Bloomington has a wide-range of local restaurants with stellar chefs and excellent food.

  • Don’t drive far away, pick a place close by (and maybe even bike)

You don’t have to take your significant other far away to have a lovely evening out; you can save your wallet and the planet by choosing a place within walking or biking distance.


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