The Trip Your Trash Makes

By: Jessica Plassman, Marketing and Brand Specialist

Reuse and recycling are always on Skyler’s mind. As the Hoosier to Hoosier (H2H) intern at the IU Office of Sustainability, Skyler Roeshot works hard to raise awareness and change perceptions surrounding recycling and reuse. Skyler’s responsibilities encompass not only the coordination of this gigantic community sale, but to develop strategies and campaigns to persuade students to reuse and/or donate their items when they move-out.

Although Skyler hasn’t had to start from scratch, she continues to build upon the work of the last three H2H interns to ramp up their media presence and student outreach efforts. It’s important to reach students before they throw items like their couch into the dumpster because they don’t have room to haul it with them. H2H offers pick-up services and many drop-off locations around campus to make it easier for students to donate unwanted items. But, these donation locations and the sale itself are ineffective if students don’t know about it before they move out.

In commenting on the purpose of the video, Skyler said, “Along with a large community-wide sale selling used items, this year, Hoosier to Hoosier also wants to focus on educating the community about waste reduction overall. I made the video to urge everyone in the Bloomington community to think about where their waste goes.”

Since she began this internship, Skyler has made it a point to use social media marketing channels to reach her target audience – the student population. Through Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube, Skyler educates students on waste generation and provides inspiration for DIY and upcycling projects all while raising awareness of what H2H is and the community service it provides.

To find out more about Hoosier to Hoosier visit:

Follow on Twitter: @IUH2H


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