A Visit to the World’s Greenest Office Building

By Bill Brown, Director of IU Office of Sustainability The International Living Futures unConference in Seattle last week allowed attendees to learn more about the leading edge of sustainable design that aspires to design “living buildings” that make more energy and water than they use, while also achieving 18 other seemingly impossible “imperatives.” The Living … Continue reading A Visit to the World’s Greenest Office Building


Riding Responsibly

By: Graham Dewart, Bicycle Friendly Campus Intern The cycling culture at Indiana University is one of a kind. The school is a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly University and is home to the largest intramural bike race in the United States. The wide range of cyclists at IU strengthens the alternative transportation movement and adds diversity … Continue reading Riding Responsibly

The missing link between sustainability and green buildings

By: Kayleen Glaser, LEED Tools, Processes, and University Standards Intern Here at the Office of Sustainability, we define sustainability as "thriving within our means to achieve balance between environmental health, economic prosperity, and social equity."  In context of the built environment, sustainability most often translates into green building practices.   As an intern working on streamlining … Continue reading The missing link between sustainability and green buildings

The Important Stuff

By: Sarah Hanauer, Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale Coordinator Growing up, I always felt a little deprived. All my friends bought their lunch from school every day, and my mom packed mine. Everyone had cable TV, complete with Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, and I had broadcast, which for a short time had One Saturday Morning. … Continue reading The Important Stuff

Small Plot, Big Change (and Big Work)

By Audrey Brinkers, Campus Garden Intern I drove home this weekend, and it was disheartening.  There are lots of cornfields in Indiana, and they are big.  Like, really big.  And they were mocking me, looming into the distance, perfect green expanses for miles.  All I could think about as I looked out on those perfect … Continue reading Small Plot, Big Change (and Big Work)

Pondering Sustainability

By Angelo F. Bardales, Green Teams Coordinator From the onset of our internships at IUOS, we are encouraged to start thinking about what sustainability means to us, to form our own definition on a personal level—if we hadn’t already started doing so beforehand. In our first reading from A Conservationist Manifesto, we encounter an etymological … Continue reading Pondering Sustainability