Meet the Summer 2013 Interns

By Jessica Plassman, Project Coordinator

The 2013 Summer Internship Program in Sustainability kicked off today with the first workshop. The two-hour long seminar, which will recur every Monday throughout the program, served to introduce interns to the office by discussing office procedures, program details, and the underlying concepts of sustainability. Image

Sixteen new interns make up the summer program and hold positions in a wide-range of sustainability initiatives. Throughout the summer, the workshops will facilitate collaboration among interns, including sharing networks and resources vital to program success, and will involve a long-term discussion of sustainability and behavior change through the lens of the book The Conservationist Manifesto by Scott Russell Sanders.

The internship program is more than the success of our initiatives; it’s about opening up dialogue among interns and providing them with the tools to advance sustainability in their jobs and in their lives – with this equipment for living, interns can, in turn, equip others.

We invite you to connect with our office through our interns, to learn more about sustainability, to provide useful and constructive criticism, and to take action through involvement in our initiatives. As part of the program, interns will be developing final reports, which will detail the changes made and goals achieved throughout their tenure with our office. In addition, interns will be submitting weekly blog posts starting next week covering topics regarding their internships and topics they find important to discuss. We encourage you to read their posts, ask questions, and start a dialogue with them through the blog forum.

Useful links to get connected:

  • Website (learn about our office and sustainability)
  • Blog (hear from our interns and leave questions/comments)
  • This Week in Sustainability (get weekly and monthly information regarding volunteerism, events, jobs, etc.)
  • Twitter & Facebook (follow us to learn about what’s important and happening now)
  • Internship Program (learn more about the interns and the program)

Meet the 2013 Summer Interns:

Mentored by the IU Office of Sustainability

  • Angelo Bardales, Green Teams Coordination
  • Sarah Brindle, Sustainability Fund Development
  • Kayleen Glaser, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Tools, Processes and University Standards
  • Stone Irr, Local Food Sourcing and Green Events Planning at the IMU
  • Rachel Joseph, Sustainability and the First Year Experience
  • Lisa Martens, Greening of the Health Center
  • Amanda Redfern, Greening of the Athletic Department
  • Asmalina Saleh, Student Sustainability Educators Program
  • Mary Roper, Green Purchasing Policies and Procedures

Mentored by the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board

  • Angela Babb, Strategic Planning and Implementation for Sustainable Food, Food Working Group
  • Sarah Baulac, Developing and Supporting Curricular and Co-Curricular Sustainability Initiatives, Academic Initiatives Working Group
  • Audrey Brinkers, Campus Garden and Edible Campus Initiative Coordination, Food
  • Graham Dewart, Bicycle Master Plan Scoping, Transportation Working Group
  • Sarah Hanauer, Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale, Resource Use Working Group
  • Jessica Stavole, Utilities Conservation Project Coordination, Energy and Built Environment Working Group
  • Nicole Wooten, Composting Initiatives, Environmental Quality and Land Use Working Group

For full biographies of the summer interns, click here.


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