Sustainability Education Station

By Sarah Baulac, Academic Initiatives Working Group Intern Part of my work as the AIWG intern is to update the sustainability course listings on the IUOS website. This list is a compilation of courses across campus related to or focused on sustainability. It serves as a tool to help students gain a quality sustainability education. … Continue reading Sustainability Education Station


Pondering Sustainability

By Angelo F. Bardales, Green Teams Coordinator From the onset of our internships at IUOS, we are encouraged to start thinking about what sustainability means to us, to form our own definition on a personal level—if we hadn’t already started doing so beforehand. In our first reading from A Conservationist Manifesto, we encounter an etymological … Continue reading Pondering Sustainability

The Future of Food at Indiana University

By Angela Babb, Food Planning What is sustainable food? Many would say that to be sustainable, food must be four things, starting with local. Specific definitions of local change with each region, but the shorter the farm-to-table distance, the better. Secondly, sustainable food is fair; workers must be paid well, have access to health insurance … Continue reading The Future of Food at Indiana University