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05/20/2013 § 3 Comments

By Sarah Baulac, Academic Initiatives Working Group Intern

Part of my work as the AIWG intern is to update the sustainability course listings on the IUOS website. This list is a compilation of courses across campus related to or focused on sustainability. It serves as a tool to help students gain a quality sustainability education.

There are two types of courses on the list: courses related to sustainability and courses focused on sustainability. The IUOS website defines these terms as follows:

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Pondering Sustainability

05/20/2013 § 4 Comments

By Angelo F. Bardales, Green Teams Coordinator

From the onset of our internships at IUOS, we are encouraged to start thinking about what sustainability means to us, to form our own definition on a personal level—if we hadn’t already started doing so beforehand. In our first reading from A Conservationist Manifesto, we encounter an etymological approach to such words as growth, wealth, and patriotism. While we do not need to take such a detailed approach right off the bat, we can use it as a starting point.


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The Future of Food at Indiana University

05/20/2013 § 6 Comments

By Angela Babb, Food Planning

What is sustainable food? Many would say that to be sustainable, food must be four things, starting with local. Specific definitions of local change with each region, but the shorter the farm-to-table distance, the better. Secondly, sustainable food is fair; workers must be paid well, have access to health insurance and be treated justly. Sustainable food must be ecologically sound, so no harmful chemicals polluting our shrinking supply of freshwater. Last but not least, sustainable food is humane, meaning animals have easy access to food and water and ample space to move and thrive without unduly stress.  How much of the food at Indiana University is considered sustainable? We should be finding out soon after the upcoming IU Food Summit, held by the IU Office of Sustainability.


At a time when people are becoming progressively aware of the terrible realities of the global food system, institutions are feeling increasing pressure to acquire food more closely aligned with the values of sustainability, and they hold a unique position capable of facilitating substantial change. Between the months of August and May, students of Indiana University account for more than half of the population of Bloomington, a southern Indiana town of approximately 80,000 with 42,000 students and thousands of faculty and staff members.

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Creating a Sense of Place

05/20/2013 § 3 Comments

By Sarah Brindle, Sustainability Funding Development Intern

I’ve lived in Bloomington for five years now, and in those years I’ve had many great experiences. I graduated college, started grad school, adopted my first dog, met my fiancé, and will be getting married here in December.  While here, I’ve also been able to eat many breakfasts outside at Runcible Spoon, buy fresh eggs at the farmers’ market, eat ice cream at Chocolate Moose, dine on 4th street, see performances at the Buskirk-Chumley, and volunteer at a nonprofit. All of these experiences and more make Bloomington my home.


The outside eating area at Runcible Spoon.

Scott Russell Sanders, author and former IU English professor, writes in his book A Conservationist Manifesto that part of living sustainably is creating a sense of “place” where you live. Sanders writes that

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