Preserve 20

Amanda Redfern, Greening the Athletics Department Intern I was blessed to have grown up in Santa Barbara, California, where preservation and conservation were historically ingrained into the culture of the land. The Santa Barbara City Council would preserve land that was once owned by the earliest settlers of the area, and they even fought the … Continue reading Preserve 20


Sustainable Advertising

By: Rachel Joseph, IUOS First Year Experience Intern First year college students are empty vessels, waiting to be filled with the experiences, opportunities, education, and caffeine of university life. However, students do not rank all new opportunities equally; according to an IUOS PowerPoint chart, only 26% of students deciding on which college or university to … Continue reading Sustainable Advertising

Our Food, Our Choice

By: Stone Irr, Local Food Sourcing and Green Events Planning at the IMU Intern “A real place finds us mindful of nature.” This quote comes from Scott Russell Sander’s essay collection, A Conservationist Manifesto. Reflecting on the ideal characteristics of community, Sanders introduces his love of a thriving group of people coming together into one … Continue reading Our Food, Our Choice