Sports go Green

07/08/2013 § 2 Comments

By: Amanda Redfern, Greening of the Athletics Department Intern

Two weeks ago I was given the opportunity to attend the Collegiate Sports Sustainability Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. Universities from all across the nation came to attend the summit, including UCLA, The Ohio State University, North Carolina State University, and Florida State University. The main theme of the Summit was to implement sustainable practices into the Athletic Department through Green Building Initiatives and Game Day Programs.


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Getting Along With Nature

07/08/2013 § 3 Comments

By: Stone Irr, Green Event and Local Food Sourcing at the IMU

Sun, sweat, and trees. These three words have described just a few of my weekend activities while staying here in Bloomington this summer. I recently started making an effort to go hiking with some friends of mine this summer and have immensely enjoyed the experience. I’ve had the opportunity to climb off-the-trail hillsides at McCormick’s Creek State Park, swim in Lake Monroe outside of Brown County State Park, explore Beanblossom Bottoms Nature Preserve by boardwalk and “almost” get lost hiking at Yellowwood State Forest.


Beanblossom Bottoms–Part of the Sycamore Land Trust

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