A Little Less Conversation

By Nikki Wooten, Compost Initiative Intern


This summer I had the opportunity to join a discussion series called Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics, and Sustainability. We met at the local library every Sunday afternoon for 6 weeks. I like to think of it as a food policy book club. If you ever get the chance to organize a Northwest Earth Institute discussion series, I promise that you will enjoy the time spent.

We all had different ties to the local food community. I work for the local farmer’s market. Another works for the local co-op. Another serves with me on the Food Policy Council. One person researches food deserts in Bloomington. It was a wonderful fun getting together with like-minded folks and talking about the things we all care about.
There comes a point, however, when it is no longer useful to sit and agree. There needs to be a product. We need to be growing edible forests in our cities, starting worm farms in our basements, calling our legislators. The so-called food movement needs a lot less talking, and a whole lot more doing.
Action starts with the individual. What are you doing to be more sustainable in your food consumption? Here are some easy ways to reduce your impact on the planet:
  • Eat less meat. Just try skipping meat once a week, swapping for plant-based protein like legumes and nuts.
  • Visit your local farmer’s market. Your produce will be fresher because it traveled a shorter distance!
  • Compost. Build a worm bin or compost pile in your backyard to reduce food waste.

3 thoughts on “A Little Less Conversation

  1. I enjoyed reading on what you have done with the Bloomington community! I think that with the changes you seek to implement, these relationships will be invaluable. Thank you for the piece and for the tips!

  2. great article nikki! i appreciate that you offer simple solutions to a very large problem. in addition to your suggestions above, i’ve started a potted garden in my apartment to supply myself with fresh herbs all year round!

  3. You make a great point when you say that there comes a time when it is no longer useful to sit and agree. These are straightforward changes that we can make to show others a sustainable lifestyle can be simple to implement.

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