Learning & sustainable practices

07/15/2013 § 2 Comments

By: Asmalina Saleh, Peer Educator Intern

How can we best define learning? At its core, learning can be thought of as a change in one’s behavior over time as a result of one’s experiences. From a sociocultural perspective, learning is a two-way interaction between the person and the environment, be it material or the social environment. Most of all, the sociocultural perspective assumes that we learn through our experiences as a social creature. While cognitive structures and development impact how an individual perceives the world, this perception is very much influenced by the people around us and the culture within which we are a part of. How does learning relate to sustainable issues? Everything.

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Adapting the Antidote

07/15/2013 § 1 Comment

By Mary Roper

In addition to holding our positions this summer, each of us IUOS interns is enrolled in a one-credit hour class where we learn about the inner workings of sustainability-driven initiatives that are implemented throughout our campus. While the first part of our class focused on Scott Russell Sanders’ book, A Conservationist Manifesto, in which we explored Sanders’ remedy for our destructive consumer-based culture, the second part has enabled us to adapt his antidote into our respective internships and see how our university is doing the same. Perhaps it is the second part of the class that has resonated most with me.

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A Vicious Cycle

07/15/2013 § 1 Comment

By: Jessica Stavole, Energy and Built Environment Working Group Project Intern

Energy consumption patterns seem to trend in the same general direction; the more we consume in our daily behaviors, the more that is produced, imported or transmitted.  The development of renewable and alternative technologies seems to also follow a similar cycle of simple economics; we tend to place more effort into the public development of such technologies when there is a high demand for them.  As “green” as our attitude may be toward consumption, there is a certain point that when reached, it seems that we cannot do much as individuals besides read into the policy behind the madness and hope for the best.

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