LEED v 4, a “quantum leap” for green building

By:  Kayleen Glaser, LEED Tools, Processes, and University Standards Intern Today is a special day for green building nerds everywhere because it marks the kickoff of the annual Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, a gathering which will bring together more than 30,000 architects, builders, facility managers, educators and green innovators from all over the world. … Continue reading LEED v 4, a “quantum leap” for green building


How Does Climate Change Impact Endangered Species?

By Christopher Round We all know the story about how polar bears could go extinct since their habitat is melting from global warming, but most people don’t realize that inherently this is what is happening to species worldwide. You see, most species have a specific niche carved out in their ecosystem. Some species don’t have … Continue reading How Does Climate Change Impact Endangered Species?

The Sycamore Land Trust

By Sarah Baulac, Education and Research Intern This morning I had the opportunity to listen to Christian Freitag, Executive Director of the Sycamore Land Trust, talk about his career and the non-profit in my Law and Public Affairs class. The Sycamore Land Trust is a non-profit based right here in Bloomington (cool!). Their main mission … Continue reading The Sycamore Land Trust

Free Clothes!!

By Heather Oslund, Hoosier to Hoosier Coordinator Where you ask? At a clothing swap! We all have those super cute outfits that just don't quite fit right anymore or never did because sweet Aunt Nellie can't quite tell the difference between a 6 and a 16. We can always take them to Goodwill or donate … Continue reading Free Clothes!!

Stay Social

By: Audrey Brinkers, Campus Garden Coordination InternDavid Sutton, a professor of anthropology at Southern Illinois University, spoke to my class about food culture on a small island in Greece, discussing the way the people of the island use food as a means of remembering.  Sutton showed us a video he had taken of a boisterous woman demonstrating how … Continue reading Stay Social

Nobel Prize for Sustainability?

By: Andrew Carty, Greek Life Sustainability InternIs there a Nobel Prize for Sustainable Development? As of yet, one does not exist.Or does it? Katerva, a UK-based nonprofit, promotes global sustainability by identifying, evaluating, and accelerating innovations across the world through its annual Katerva Awards. “If the Nobel Society had an award for sustainability, it would resemble … Continue reading Nobel Prize for Sustainability?

Myth Busters: Recycling

By: Liz Essman, No Waste Coordinator Many recycling opportunities exist on the IU campus and in the city of Bloomington.  While the decision to recycle comes easy to some Hoosiers, the fact remains that recycling can seem confusing and complicated even to the experienced.  Ask those around you how to properly dispose of a plastic … Continue reading Myth Busters: Recycling