Myth Busters: Recycling

11/04/2013 § 4 Comments

By: Liz Essman, No Waste Coordinator

Look for this updated IU recycling packer.

Look for this updated IU recycling packer.

Many recycling opportunities exist on the IU campus and in the city of Bloomington.  While the decision to recycle comes easy to some Hoosiers, the fact remains that recycling can seem confusing and complicated even to the experienced.  Ask those around you how to properly dispose of a plastic bottle, for example, and you get an array of strange and often contradictory answers.  Travel to another town and you hear different responses altogether.  To add to all these rules of recycling, bins can differ in color, shape, and size.  With these inconsistencies in mind, I give to you a list of Bloomington recycling guidelines to bust some of these wives tales and bring closure to the recycling myths on campus.

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