Nobel Prize for Sustainability?

11/06/2013 § 1 Comment

By: Andrew Carty, Greek Life Sustainability Intern


Is there a Nobel Prize for Sustainable Development? As of yet, one does not exist.

Or does it? Katerva, a UK-based nonprofit, promotes global sustainability by identifying, evaluating, and accelerating innovations across the world through its annual Katerva Awards.

“If the Nobel Society had an award for sustainability, it would resemble the Katerva Awards, a new international prize for the most promising ideas and efforts to advance the planet toward sustainability.” 

Reuters 2011

Katerva boasts a global network of over 1200 experts in the field of sustainability. These “Katerva Spotters” identify nominees for the annual Katerva Awards based upon “…products, services, policy initiatives, very category targeted non-profit initiatives, unique structural solutions (joint ventures, etc).” Nominations may fall into the following 10 categories: Behavioral Change, Economy, Ecosystem Conservation, Energy and Power, Food Security, Gender Equality, Human Development, Materials & Resources, Transportation and Urban Design.

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