This Spring, Enjoy Bloomington

By: Mary Roper, Green Purchasing Intern Spring is near. We suffered through the coldest January Indiana has seen in 35 years, the snowiest winter with the  Polar Vortex bringing down 51.6" of snow on us in total, and although last Saturday gave us a little taste of spring, the weather this week has felt somewhat … Continue reading This Spring, Enjoy Bloomington



By: Nadia Lovko, Sustainability Metrics and Reporting Intern Bioremediation is the use of microbes and biological processes to clean up contamination.  Some microbes can eat and process contaminants and use them for fuel.  If soils and groundwaters do not have enough of these microbes, they can be added through a process known as bioaugmentation.  This … Continue reading Bioremediation

What Are You Eating??

Angela Babb, Strategic Planning for Sustainable Food How much do you know about your food? The bagel you ate for breakfast - do you know where the ingredients came from? The coffee that helped you stay awake through your classes today - Who raised the beans? Who roasted them? Many of us continue through our … Continue reading What Are You Eating??

How Many Times Should A Bullet Kill?

By: Andrew Carty Last Wednesday, the House passed by roll call the “Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act” (SHARE). Central to sustainability is the identification of bridges historically lost to us as humans. These bridges take the form of disconnects between production and consumption or in other words, source and utility. Realizing the cyclical nature … Continue reading How Many Times Should A Bullet Kill?


By: Audrey Brinkers, Campus Garden Coordination Intern It's cold here...have you heard that yet?  It's really cold.  It's cold in the way that I can't remember a time when the snot didn't freeze in my nose.  It's cold in the way that I can't force myself to leave the house, let alone drop off the … Continue reading Cold

Food Labels That Work

Around 95% of Americans report that they support food-labeling requirements.  So why haven’t lawmakers risen to public demand [1]?Food and grocery manufacturers receive increasing media attention for opposing numerous product-labeling requirements, some of which would mandate that corporations classify products containing genetically modified ingredients.  They’ve been busy preparing legislation aimed at the first state to … Continue reading Food Labels That Work