By: Audrey Brinkers, Campus Garden Coordination Intern

It’s cold here…have you heard that yet?  It’s really cold.  It’s cold in the way that I can’t remember a time when the snot didn’t freeze in my nose.  It’s cold in the way that I can’t force myself to leave the house, let alone drop off the compost from my kitchen (fruit flies swarming in February? This has to be a new low). Remember shorts and sandals?  Remember outside naps?  Remember green plants?  Most surprisingly, remember sustainability?


It’s easy, especially in these Indiana winters, to forego the mission of a sustainable lifestyle–to drive instead of bike, to forget about local food, to give up on composting (because really, those fruit flies are gross).  It’s easy not to care about the globe at large when even stepping out of the shower seems a formidable task.  But just because our bodies and minds want to hibernate and we certainly don’t want to be troubled with the WORLD’s problems, we can’t neglect Mother Nature (and the spite she is showing us seems to support this statement).

But don’t give up!  Buy local eggs–and even some produce–at the Bloomington Winter Farmers’ Market, grow your own herbs in your windowsill, and keep supporting local farmers with milk shares.  Take advantage of Bloomington’s lovely public transportation, bike lanes (when they’re cleared), and walking paths.  Insulate your home to reduce energy waste (to help you AND the environment).  And most importantly, sustain yourself–think about the ways you can be healthy, happy, and vibrant, and when that first flower blooms in the spring, you can come back in full force.

Photo sourced from the Washington Post


4 thoughts on “Cold

  1. It’s true that this frigid cold makes me want to crank up the thermostat and drive the ten minute walk to campus (or the bus stop), but when I read supportive articles like this one I remember I’m saving energy for a cause greater than myself. Keep on inspiring!

  2. The buses have been a great resource this winter and the City of Bloomington has been doing a great job of keeping the bike paths cleared! So glad it’s almost over.

  3. What a refreshing post! Your piece is vary easy to relate to and compelling. Thank you for providing a reminder of the Winter Farmer’s Market and the importance of the local business place.

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