This Spring, Enjoy Bloomington

By: Mary Roper, Green Purchasing Intern

Spring is near.

We suffered through the coldest January Indiana has seen in 35 years, the snowiest winter with the  Polar Vortex bringing down 51.6″ of snow on us in total, and although last Saturday gave us a little taste of spring, the weather this week has felt somewhat glacial. Although March 20 brings the first official day of spring, this writer believes that a warmup is on its way (knock on wood).


         Spring is near!

With the warmer temperatures, I invite you all to take the opportunity to explore the wonderful things Bloomington will be offering. From out door tennis matches at the IU Memorial Stadium, to new collections at the IU Art Museum, this spring will offer countless opportunities to walk, bike, or use public transportation to explore our city!

The warmer weather means opportunities to attend the annual Wylie House Heirloom Seed Sale on March 1st. What’s great about this sale is that we are able to purchase a variety of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds that are locally grown and chemical-free. It means the opportunity to participate in different marathons, walks, or hikes like the Peninsula Hike on March 13, or the classic Hoosier Half Marathon on April 5. And it means the return of the farmer’s market on April 5, a popular way for most students, faculty, and Bloomington citizens to spend their Saturdays.

After being cooped in for most of the winter, I can feel the city humming with anticipation of warmer weather. Although it is not here yet, I encourage you to research local events that our city is hosting. And remember,

Spring is near!

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2 thoughts on “This Spring, Enjoy Bloomington

  1. It doesn’t seem like Spring is ever going to come! It’s nice to get a reminder that warmer weather is on the horizon!

  2. I’ve heard that on average this is the fifth warmest winter we’ve seen on record.I think this is a world wide estimate.

    I’ll be sure to check out the seed sale! It looks like spring today!

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