How We Measure Up? 2014 EPI Results

by Andrew Carty, Greek Life Sustainability Intern

Yale University has released its 2014 data for its Environmental Performance Index (EPI) which ranks the world’s countries as environmental stewards.

The dual objectives of the index revolve around protecting environmental health and ecosystem vitality and are subdivided into nine issue areas. These issues categories are then subdivided again by twenty indicators.


So, who are the top ten countries according to the 2014 EPI?

1. Switzerland- EPI Score: 87.67 Percent Change Over Ten Years: +.8%
2. Luxembourg
3. Australia
4. Singapore
5. Czech Republic
6. Germany
7. Spain
8. Austria
9. Sweden
10. Norway- EPI Score: 78.04 Percent Change Over Ten Years: +2.79%

How does the United States measure up to the world as of 2014?

33. United States- EPI Score: 76.52 Percent Change Over Ten Years: +2.23%

Who are the world’s worst as of 2014?

169. Bangladesh- EPI Score: 25.61 Percent Change Over Ten Years: +3.98%
170. Dem. Rep. Congo
171. Sudab
172. Liberia
173. Sierra Leon
174. Afghanistan
175. Lesotho
176. Haiti
177. Mali
178. Somalia- EPI Score: 15.47 Percent Change Over Ten Years: +6.62%

What are the major findings/global trends according to the history of EPI?

Global improvements have been seen overtime in sanitation, drinking water, and child mortality. Global declines have been seen in air quality, wastewater, and fisheries.

The majority of indicators show vast improvement, but air quality and fisheries declines are still extremely worrisome.


For more information on the 2014 EPI as well as older EPI reports, visit


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