See you at the symposium…

By Amishi Kumar, Green Purchasing Intern

As my stint as an Indiana University Office of Sustainability Intern comes to a finish this summer, I can’t help but reflect about how great this summer has been. In the past few weeks I’ve really gotten to know my fellow interns and realized this group of students are dedicated to making a difference. When I say dedicated I mean it. Not in the typical sense like after classes I’m going to work on this project dedication but more like I will live, breathe, eat and dream my project. These are the people that will put recycling in the right bin even it means grabbing it out of the trash. Henri, our biking intern, is so committed he chose to ride his bike even in the worst torrential downpour. I had second and third thoughts about running outside to reach my car that day. Rumors are Andrew, the greek experience intern, has even completely changed his wardrobe to relate to the greeks on campus more. #TFM #amiright #IUgeareveryday. I’m almost certain if we unleashed Meghan, Miss. Rain Garden, she could singlehandedly plant rain gardens in all of her 110+ purposed sites within a week. Emily who is working on the hoosier to hoosier sale has somehow convinced me to not buy anything new and wait until the sale. This is a feat considering my undergraduate degree should have also mentioned my minor in the Art of Online Shopping. This is just a glimpse into how committed the IUOS interns are. If you want to learn more about these amazing individuals and the great work we’ve produced I highly suggest coming to the Summer 2014 Sustainability Internship Symposium on Friday, August 1st from 11:30 AM to 2 PM in the Neal Marshall Black Culture Center Grand Hall. That’s not a plug but it’s a plug.


One thought on “See you at the symposium…

  1. We are going to miss you this coming academic year Amishi. You have given me new respect for how much fun Geology people can be. (It was only one IU hat though, but really thanks for the spare rides when my bike broke down and the finding my lost ids and the always being there.)

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