By Kristen Billings, Engagement Coordinator

During the spring of 2009, student leaders organized the inaugural Sustain IU Week. Since then, the Student Sustainability Council and the Office of Sustainability have worked in concert to host a week-long series of lectures and events centered around a specific topic within sustainability. The aim of Sustain IU Week is to increase awareness about sustainability and its many facets within the student body, as well as to provide opportunities for coalition-building and synergistic collaboration amongst co-curricular organizations, faculty, and staff that are dedicated to advancing sustainability on campus.

The chosen theme for this year’s Sustain IU Week is “A Changing Climate, a Changing Conscience: Morality and Ethics within the Context of Global Climate Change”. With the help of our generous donors, the Council is honored to host Ph.D. biologist and climate justice activist, Sandra Steingraber, as our keynote speaker. She will deliver her lecture at 7 p.m. Tuesday, February 21 in the Whittenberger Auditorium.

Steingraber began investigating the links between human health and the environment after being diagnosed with bladder cancer as an undergraduate at Illinois Wesleyan University. In her award-winning book, Living Downstream, she combines compelling narrative with scientific data and medical literature to assess the relationship between environmental toxins and public health. As a science writer and environmental activist, Steingraber transcends the boundaries of academic discipline and bridges the gap between academia and advocacy. She has been a tireless advocate of environmental and climate justice, and her writings and leadership are indispensable in an era of egregious environmental exploitation and misinformation.

In addition to Steingraber’s keynote address, Sustain IU Week (2/20-2/25) will include a wide range of events, including panels, art displays, and film screenings. For a full schedule of events, please visit our webpage.



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