Internship Spotlight: Emma Sperry

Meet our resource use and recycling intern, Emma Sperry! Emma is a senior pursuing degrees in sociology, economics, and math through the College of Arts and Sciences at IU. She is interested in the design and implementation of public policy that maximizes economic and social benefits to society while minimizing both economic and environmental costs. In order to … Continue reading Internship Spotlight: Emma Sperry

SustainIU Week: Where Ethics and the Environment Coincide

By Kristen Billings, Engagement Coordinator During the spring of 2009, student leaders organized the inaugural Sustain IU Week. Since then, the Student Sustainability Council and the Office of Sustainability have worked in concert to host a week-long series of lectures and events centered around a specific topic within sustainability. The aim of Sustain IU Week … Continue reading SustainIU Week: Where Ethics and the Environment Coincide

Intern Spotlight: Kristen Billings

Meet our engagement coordinator, Kristen Billings! Kristen is a junior studying English and environmental and sustainability studies. She is interested in environmental and climate justice. She hopes to study the interactions between climate change and social inequality, focusing on equitable transitions to renewable energy. As the engagement coordinator, she helps revitalize and create programs on campus … Continue reading Intern Spotlight: Kristen Billings

Envisioning Operationalized Sustainability in Universities

By Jacob Mills, 2020 Transitions Lab Intern One of my primary objectives as the 2020 Transitions Lab intern is to explore methods of connecting the academic programs of the Transitions Lab to the operational practices of the university. My plan for this spring is to focus largely on the 2020 Sustainability Scholars' projects that have … Continue reading Envisioning Operationalized Sustainability in Universities

Intern Spotlight: Jacob Mills

Meet our Transitions Lab intern, Jacob Mills! Jacob is a sophomore studying environmental and sustainability studies, geographic information systems, and labor studies. As the Transitions Lab intern, he helps coordinate the 2020 Sustainability Scholars undergraduate research program and other initiatives undertaken by the 2020 Transitions Lab. Jacob is a former sustainability scholar and has worked on a project researching … Continue reading Intern Spotlight: Jacob Mills