Campus Catalysts For Sustainability

One week ago, the IU Office of Sustainability celebrated its 16th Energy Challenge Awards and 5th Campus Catalyst Awards. This year, a total of 16 academic and administrative buildings, 39 Green houses, and 19 residence halls were included in the Energy Challenge. IU’s Energy and Water Challenge is one of the largest in the country … Continue reading Campus Catalysts For Sustainability

Intern Spotlight: Arielle Moss

Meet our new Social Equity and Difference intern, Arielle Moss! Arielle graduated from Indiana University with degrees in Biology and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures in May 2015. She spent the past year teaching English in Morocco. While in Morocco, she also interned for an NGO, Dar Si Hmad, devoted to promoting educational equity and environmentally sustainability in … Continue reading Intern Spotlight: Arielle Moss

4 Reasons Driving Alone is the Worst Way to Travel

By Nathan Manworren, Transportation Working Group Intern Today, we will be talking about that unfortunate thing we all have to do—move from point A to point B. Seriously, wouldn’t life be so much better if we could just beam ourselves from one point to another, Star Trek style? Or, even better, if we did not … Continue reading 4 Reasons Driving Alone is the Worst Way to Travel

RE-Populating Bloomington

By Dana Schroeder, Sustainability Peer Educator ProgramSummertime in Bloomington has been a beautiful thing. The weather’s been fabulous, our lives seem to have slowed down a bit, and the farmers’ market is bursting with green goodness! But something is missing…Oh yeah, maybe it’s the thirty thousand or so students who will be moving back to … Continue reading RE-Populating Bloomington

Sustainability as a Quality of Life Indicator

By Brad Lufkin, Education and Research Quality of life (QOL) has a number of definitions that can include factors such as healthcare, employment, politics, and development. Sustainability, however, is also inherently linked to QOL; in order to have healthy, productive residents with meaningful lives, the environment must be cared for. The degree of environmental pollution, for … Continue reading Sustainability as a Quality of Life Indicator