RE-Populating Bloomington

By Dana Schroeder, Sustainability Peer Educator ProgramSummertime in Bloomington has been a beautiful thing. The weather’s been fabulous, our lives seem to have slowed down a bit, and the farmers’ market is bursting with green goodness! But something is missing…Oh yeah, maybe it’s the thirty thousand or so students who will be moving back to … Continue reading RE-Populating Bloomington

Sustainability as a Quality of Life Indicator

By Brad Lufkin, Education and Research Quality of life (QOL) has a number of definitions that can include factors such as healthcare, employment, politics, and development. Sustainability, however, is also inherently linked to QOL; in order to have healthy, productive residents with meaningful lives, the environment must be cared for. The degree of environmental pollution, for … Continue reading Sustainability as a Quality of Life Indicator

Sustainability, Local Government and Volunteers

Emily Hughes, Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale   In class we have been discussing the e-book, Community Based Social Marketing which describes how to build effective programs that lead people to adopt sustainable behaviors. After identifying the behavior that needs to be adopted and crafting a relevant message to a specifically defined target audience, the … Continue reading Sustainability, Local Government and Volunteers