Ecosystems and climate change

By Kelsey Smith, Green Events Coordinator   Ecosystems produce a rich array of benefits that people depend on and these basic needs for life are at the highest risk of damage due to climate change.  In fact, the resources provided by ecosystems have been so important to our evolution and survival, that we universally recognize aspects … Continue reading Ecosystems and climate change

Think before you buy

Heather Oslund Hoosier to Hoosier Sale Coordinator We all buy things and we usually have some sort of choice in the things that we buy. The Hoosier to Hoosier Sale (August 23rd & 24th this year) is a great way to choose to buy used. And there are many local places to get used clothes … Continue reading Think before you buy

Parking Meter Pandemonium

By Rachel Joseph, First Year Experience Intern I understand the rationale behind the new parking meters. I really do. Not only do they raise more money for our city, but they also discourage people from unnecessarily driving to and around downtown when they can walk, bike, skate, ride public transportation, or in some fantastic cases, … Continue reading Parking Meter Pandemonium

What Are You Eating??

Angela Babb, Strategic Planning for Sustainable Food How much do you know about your food? The bagel you ate for breakfast - do you know where the ingredients came from? The coffee that helped you stay awake through your classes today - Who raised the beans? Who roasted them? Many of us continue through our … Continue reading What Are You Eating??

Saving the Night — A Brief Look at Light Pollution (Reduction)

By:  Kayleen Glaser Several years ago, I took a backpacking trip to Big Bend National Park in Far West Texas.  The first day I arrived, I was enchanted by the desert... it was seemingly endless, the red and oranges hues of the dirt fascinated me, it was flat for miles, and then huge mountains jutted … Continue reading Saving the Night — A Brief Look at Light Pollution (Reduction)


By Henri Venable (Bicycle Friendly Campus Initiative Intern) Too often the discussion regarding “alternative” transportation focuses on the car as the epitome of evil. But this causes a dangerous mentality to take root in the minds of cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians alike. It fosters antagonistic relationships between the 3 modes of transportation that, on the … Continue reading R.E.S.P.E.C.T