Campus Catalysts For Sustainability

One week ago, the IU Office of Sustainability celebrated its 16th Energy Challenge Awards and 5th Campus Catalyst Awards. This year, a total of 16 academic and administrative buildings, 39 Green houses, and 19 residence halls were included in the Energy Challenge. IU’s Energy and Water Challenge is one of the largest in the country … Continue reading Campus Catalysts For Sustainability


4 Reasons Driving Alone is the Worst Way to Travel

By Nathan Manworren, Transportation Working Group Intern Today, we will be talking about that unfortunate thing we all have to do—move from point A to point B. Seriously, wouldn’t life be so much better if we could just beam ourselves from one point to another, Star Trek style? Or, even better, if we did not … Continue reading 4 Reasons Driving Alone is the Worst Way to Travel

The Growth of Corporate Sustainability

By Brad Lufkin, Education and Research More often than not, in order to convince businesses to adopt sustainable practices, it has to be shown that the practices make financial sense; unless these efforts help the company’s bottom line, no action will be taken. With rising consumer pressure and increasingly available technology and processes, however, the … Continue reading The Growth of Corporate Sustainability

Think before you buy

Heather Oslund Hoosier to Hoosier Sale Coordinator We all buy things and we usually have some sort of choice in the things that we buy. The Hoosier to Hoosier Sale (August 23rd & 24th this year) is a great way to choose to buy used. And there are many local places to get used clothes … Continue reading Think before you buy

The Year of Family Farming

By Liz EssmanThe United Nations declares 2014 the International Year of Family Farming, an initiative that aims to promote family and community owned farms in order to address human and environmental issues such as food insecurity and natural resource management.   A family farm includes any family-based agricultural activity, including forestry and pastoralism, in which … Continue reading The Year of Family Farming

Saving the Night — A Brief Look at Light Pollution (Reduction)

By:  Kayleen Glaser Several years ago, I took a backpacking trip to Big Bend National Park in Far West Texas.  The first day I arrived, I was enchanted by the desert... it was seemingly endless, the red and oranges hues of the dirt fascinated me, it was flat for miles, and then huge mountains jutted … Continue reading Saving the Night — A Brief Look at Light Pollution (Reduction)

Redefining Building and Landscape Beauty

By:  Kayleen Glaser, LEED Tools, Processes, and University Standards Intern On Monday of this week, your lovely interns took a trip to Louisville, KY to visit the University of Louisville's Office of Sustainability.  As the resident LEED intern for the Office of Sustainability, I enjoyed walking around campus, listening to tales of LEED building certification and … Continue reading Redefining Building and Landscape Beauty